About Paragon

The initial company that eventually became Paragon was formed in 1986 to meet the need for specialized cleaning in Computer Rooms and related facilities.  The Data Center cleaning division was spun out in 2006 and Paragon was formed. 

While much has changed in the Data Center industry in the last 40 or so years, Paragon’s commitment to quality and professionalism has not.  Our unique and extensive industry experience continues to enable us to provide exceptional quality cleaning with a focus on uptime and exceeding standards for your ISO classification.

Our Scope of Services

Each year Paragon services millions of square feet of critical environment, including Data Processing, Bio Cleanrooms, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Micro Electronic Clean Rooms.

Data Center

Paragon services all types of Data Centers and computer rooms, including:

  • Purpose Built Enterprise Data Centers
  • Colocation Data Centers
  • IT and Server Rooms
  • IDF / MDF rooms
  • Modular data center pods
  • Post Construction Critical Final Cleaning


We have developed an excellent reputation in clean room maintenance and can assist in developing MOPs for clean room cleaning based on facility parameters, or by following established protocols to exceed your facilities ISO class requirements.

General Facility Maintenance

Paragon also offers general facility cleaning for our critical environment clients with the same attention to detail as we offer for critical areas.  Many colocation Data Centers utilize our teams for both services and benefit from having a well-qualified critical cleaning staff on hand for more frequent front of house services.

Facilities Monitoring and Critical Facilities Products

Paragon has closely partnered with RLE Technologies and offer their full line of products, including Seahawk Leak Detection, Falcon Facilities Monitoring Raptor System Integration, and Triad Raised Floor Products.  We specialize in the Seahawk Leak Detection Product line and can assist with determining which product and layout works best for your facility.

We also manufacture our unique and first-to-market stand up Backsavers.  If your facility is more than 10 years old, you likely have one of our units. We make the best unit available.   

Cleanroom Tacky Mats – Paragon also offers all sizes and color tacky mats for your clean room at very competitive pricing.

Defⁿ Paragon = a model of excellence

We are honest. We are Friendly. We are professional.

Our teams are well trained and focused.  We take exceptional pride in the quality of the services that we provide to our customers.  Our reach is nationwide, yet we are united in our approach and have a tight-knit team that produces consistent results throughout the country. 

Our team is here to support your efforts. We are successful when you achieve your goals. 

As a service provider, we stay focused on our objective—that of offering exceptional cleaning services on every project. 


Our corporate office is located just outside of Atlanta in Duluth, GA.

Our main corporate offices are in Atlanta, Georgia and we are a true national company with team leaders located throughout the country.  We operate with local crews in most major industry markets in the US.

How can we assist your team?  Please reach out to us to schedule a custom quote for your facility.