Paragon COVID-19 Statement

Dear Valued Client,

We want to take a moment to assure all of our clients, business partners, and associates that Paragon is firmly committed to the health and safety of all involved in our business operations and in our communities.  Most of the sites that we service are part of critical infrastructure and provide essential services.  We therefore continue to operate under some restrictions intended to slow the spread of Covid-19, where allowed by law.  Paragon personnel have been thoroughly trained on all applicable protocol for working safely in these challenging times.  Paragon’s internal policies are based on CDC recommendations and are regularly updated as new information is made available.  Paragon’s policies include, but are not limited to:

  • 100% mask requirement for all personnel at all times
  • Social distancing required from all other personnel and customers
  • Daily screening of all employees before site arrival for any potential symptoms of Covid-19, including temperature screening for fever
  • Specific quarantine policy for any potential or confirmed exposure of personnel
  • Thorough regular disinfecting of all equipment

Paragon has received feedback from clients with appreciation for the care that our personnel have shown in following these policies and demonstrating care for the safety of clients and fellow employees.  We are deeply grateful to our team members who have performed exceptionally well in these challenging circumstances.  At times, due to restrictions and limitations posed by quarantine and social distancing, our crew sizes may be reduced. This may cause projects to be somewhat delayed.  However, we will continue to work diligently to meet your expectations while keeping the safety of all involved as our primary priority.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to continue to be of support to you and your organization.