BackSaver Tune Up

BackSaver Tile Puller Maintenance Tips

One of our most popular products is the backsaver tile puller. Follow the tips below to ensure a long life.

Rubber suction cups will last much longer and provide more suction if the tile puller is stored properly. Suction cups should be stored in such a way so that cups are not contorted. Using a wall mount is the best way to insure long life of the suction cups.

The braided metal actuator wire will ‘stretch’ with use. This can cause issues with the trigger and the actuating and releasing of the suction cups. To readjust the tension on the actuating wire, simply loosen the wire stop with a flat head screwdriver and slide the stop up as close to the joining bar as possible before resetting the wire stop (see pictures below).

Replacement parts available by request. Please contact us for pricing.