Cleanroom hallway

Cleanroom Cleaning

Maintaining a cleanrooom, by nature, requires an appropriate cleaning maintenance program.

Insufficient attention to cleaning cleanrooms can lead to potentially devastating results—both in terms of safety as well as in tremendous financial cost to a company.  For example, contamination of a cleanroom can lead to product recalls, rejection or reworking of product batches, loss of productivity and even adverse regulatory action. For example, according to the FDA, between 2012 and 2016 there were over 100 recall events involving compounded drugs, many due to conditions and practices resulting in a lack of drug sterility.

Proper allocation of time and resources are required to maintain the extremely high standards required of clean rooms. A key factor in achieving effective and sustained contamination control within a critical environment is the establishment and implementation of a well-designed preventative maintenance program that is followed consistently and meticulously.

Cleanroom Cleaning Service

Paragon International has a proven track record of providing exceptional performance. We understand the needs of these active production areas and have the required expertise to help you remove unavoidable contaminants to meet or exceed ISO standards. We have the required expertise, capabilities and offer the needed services to help you meet and exceed ISO standards for your cleanroom. Typically our methods routinely meet the next highest standard and always exceed minimum requirements. Paragon International’s skilled technicians are fully committed to providing superior service by learning and closely following your established protocols for cleaning all areas of your clean room.

You can have confidence that our technicians have been fully trained in safety procedures and essential cleanroom procedures including proper gowning and cleaning techniques. Our solid reputation, proven ability, and excellent client references speak highly to our ability to deliver outstanding service in controlled environments. Let us help you to achieve regulatory compliance and sustained contamination control by means of our quality cleanroom services!

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