Buffalo Cleanroom Cleaning

It is essential to keep a cleanroom “clean” at all times to ensure optimum order of a business’ daily operations. Results of a dirty cleanroom include loss of revenue due to employee downtime and/or contaminated products. A contaminated batch of products could lead to product recall or re-working completed batches of products.

Both cases result in loss of revenues and damage to a company’s valued reputation, along with possible state or government regulatory action. All of this doom and gloom is avoidable with Buffalo cleanroom cleaning services. Allowing a professional company such as Paragon International handle your company’s cleanroom cleaning tasks is a win-win situation for your business.

Cleanroom Cleaning in Buffalo

The focus of Paragon International is not on immediate cleaning results, but on long-term results through effective preventive measures. With preventive maintenance performed by a team of cleanroom cleaning professionals, you’re guaranteed long-term, carefully sustained contamination control. Paragon International has the level of expertise required of from any Buffalo cleanroom cleaning company. We have a valued reputation with many years of experience keeping cleanrooms “clean.”

Paragon International sets high standards and exceeds them every time we’re on the job. When performing a job, these are just some of the guidelines that our team of professionals follow when on the job:

  • Daily removal of all trash from the company’s room.
  • Weekly vacuuming and mopping of your company’s raised floors.
  • Quarterly deep-cleaning of all hardware and related surfaces.
  • Semi-annual decontamination of sub floor plenums.

While Paragon International is ready and able to handle any cleanroom cleaning task across the entire country, we are not a franchise. All cleanroom cleaning tasks are performed utilizing custom-formulated chemicals and high-tech equipment to meet and exceed standards set forth by the ISO.

To learn more about Paragon International’s Buffalo cleanroom cleaning, contact us today.