California Cleanroom Cleaning

If your company is in electronics manufacturing, food preparation or medical instrument manufacturing, chances are you are maintaining clean rooms for your manufacturing areas. Clean rooms are areas that are kept free from contaminants like dust, dirt and microbes. These facilities require constant cleaning for maintenance purposes to ensure that the environment and the air meet certain ISO standards. If you have clean room and want to ensure that the rooms are kept up to requirements, then hire a California Clean Room Cleaning service to handle your maintenance. There are many services that Paragon Intl. can offer are not limited only to clean rooms.

Clean Room Cleaning in California

The primary concern of any clean room is the amount of contaminant particles in the air and to ensure that the quality of the air is kept up to standard. Paragon Intl California Clean Room Cleaning service can clean all air filters for the air system. The air quality requirement depends on the purpose of the clean room and our California Clean Room Cleaning service can check if your room complies to the ISO requirements.

Our California Clean Room Cleaning service will clean all surfaces. This can be done in regular interval to makes sure that the surfaces are contaminant free before production. Depending on the type of clean room, technicians can wear sterile suits as they mop floors, ceilings and all other hard surfaces using the appropriate solvent and solution in order to meet strict ISO tests. All personnel from Paragon’s California Clean Room cleaning service are highly trained to follow all cleaning procedures and protocols.

The cleaning technicians can also clean rooms that are used together with clean rooms like corridors and closets to make certain that no contaminants from support rooms transfer to the clean rooms. What ever type of clean room you have, Paragon’s California Clean Room cleaning can provide services for your company.