Dayton Cleanroom Cleaning

Maintaining an efficient Dayton clean room is a process that never ends. Dirt and contaminants never rest and neither should your sanitizing efforts. Dirt and contaminants can come from anywhere and anything. Even personnel working in clean rooms produce contaminants from dead skin cells and cosmetics. These particles can continue to circulate in the environment by air conditioning and eventually get into machines or product.

These rooms house some a company’s the most expensive and sensitive equipment. Damage to these units can mean expensive repairs and down time. In some industries, down time is detrimental not only to a company’s immediate profit but also its reputation! To maintain the health of the equipment, an experienced Dayton clean room cleaning service must be hired. Dayton clean room cleaning services ensure that all machines are kept in top working condition and down time is kept to a minimum. Clean room cleaning can encompass many services to ensure that all contaminants are kept to a minimal.

Cleanroom Cleaning in Dayton

Cleanliness increases efficiency, not only do machines break down less but your products are kept in a clean environment. The Dayton cleanroom cleaning services from Paragon Intl provide cleaning that is accordance to ISO Class 8 and 9 standards to ensure that the clean rooms are as contaminant free as possible. Our highly trained technicians use only the best equipment, like vacuum cleaners equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that are guaranteed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns small. If the vacuum cleaners are not using HEPA filters these particles are merely ejected out and free to circulate again. Surface cleaning also covers all visible surfaces that gather dust like floors, table tops; furniture tops even the top of the frames of doors and windows. Only non-abrasive and environmentally safe solvents and cleaners are used.

Another Dayton cleanroom cleaning service is plenum cleaning. The plenum is the space under the floor that is used to carry cold air from air conditioning units. The plenum can accumulate dust and dirt particles over time and must be maintained regularly. Aside from the plenum, the ceiling which covers exhaust ducts must also be cleaned regularly. All of these tasks can be carried out by our trained staff in compliance to federal standards for clean room cleaning. For all your Dayton clean room cleaning needs, contact Paragon Intl. for an estimate. Your equipment will thank you for it, and more importantly, your clients will be thankful for it.