Maryland Cleanroom Cleaning

Take a moment and think about what your priorities are, as the operator of a Maryland clean room. Chances are, when it comes to running or maintaining your operation, the need to keep it clean is right at the top. There are so many risks associated with contamination in a clean room, including data failure, downtime, loss of revenue, and poor employee health. That is why companies like us exist, and as far as those companies go, we excel when it comes to Maryland Clean Room Cleaning.

For any Maryland clean room, a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is of the utmost importance. Regular cleaning and sanitization are a top priority, allowing for nothing to slip through the cracks. Your Maryland clean room may have been engineered and built to perfection, but it is all for nothing if you can’t keep it clean on a regular basis.

Clean Room Cleaning Maryland

The most effective cleaning parameters for your Maryland clean room should always include regular short and long term measures for contamination control. All trash should be removed on a daily basis and raised floors should always be vacuumed and mopped on a weekly basis, at least, and hardware and all software surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned on a quarterly basis. In addition, sub-floor plenums should be decontaminated semi-annually. Paragon International is not a huge corporation, but we are a company with a personal touch. Over 150 employees are poised and ready to perform thorough clean room cleaning nationwide.

Here is what you can expect to be included when you choose us as your Maryland clean room cleaning professionals:

  • A well-trained and friendly clean room cleaning staff
  • Custom formulated clean room cleaning chemicals
  • Specialized equipment

These factors, combined, allow us to meet or exceed the ISO Standard 14611 for clean rooms.

Contact us today in order to perform a free mini audit and a custom clean room decontamination proposal, for your Maryland clean room cleaning today.