New York Cleanroom Cleaning

Maintaining a New York Clean Room

Building and maintaining a clean room in New York is a continuous process that starts before the air conditioning, the air filtration and actual equipment are installed and never ends for as long as it kept in operation. Clean room standards are measured mostly by the quality of the air it contains. The higher the standard requirements the fewer dust and other contaminant particles are allowable. Contact Paragon International to ensure that your clean room meets all the air and environmental cleanliness requirements. Hire a New York Clean Room Cleaning
service with the right equipment, well trained personnel and, more importantly, the experience to deliver. Clean room cleaning standards are set by the ISO, the federal government and even the manufacturers of some of your sensitive equipment and machines.

Clean Room Cleaning New York

There are many sources of contaminants that can be introduced into environmentally controlled rooms and the most common is the air brought in by the air conditioning system. Most clean rooms are equipped with air handling equipment to remove particles in the air down to a half-micron in width. If these filters are not regularly cleaned some of these particles can eventually get through and even decrease the efficiency of the air conditioning system. A New York Clean Room Cleaning service can regularly perform air conditioning cleaning and filter replacement to ensure that the air that is brought into the clean room is as contaminant-free as possible.

Once a clean room is thoroughly cleaned after all equipments and machines are installed some contaminants can be introduced during the day-to-day operation of the clean room. New York Clean Room Cleaning service uses only the appropriate cleaning solutions and liquids to ensure that your clean room and equipment are kept as contaminant-free as possible.

Personnel that work in clean rooms inadvertently introduce contaminants by shedding millions of dead skin cells every day. These dead cells can be picked up by the air conditioner and circulated within the clean room. Even hair, if not enclosed in hair nets, can fall off and contaminate the clean room. To make sure these particles are removed from the inside of clean rooms, New York clean room cleaning crew members can clean floors and other horizontal surfaces that may collect dust particles. These include surfaces that are not easily visible and accessible like the top of cabinets, around window frames and even the inside of drawers and cabinets. The New York Clean Room Cleaning service can be scheduled regularly to maintain the utmost cleanliness of your environmentally controlled rooms.