Ontario Cleanroom Cleaning

Cleanrooms are used for contamination control, therefore it is essential to ensure that it remains “clean” at all times. Although clean rooms have been designed to prevent contaminants from entering, they still require routine Ontario cleanroom cleaning. You may fear that having your cleanroom cleaned professionally may interfere with the important day-to-day operations and tasks performed in the cleanroom, but that’s just not the case. When you implement Ontario cleanroom cleaning services from Paragon, you’re left with a spotless cleanroom.

Not having your cleanroom routinely sanitized and maintained could lead to product contamination and downtime. Contamination is more costly than you can even begin to imagine. It takes just one speck of dust to disrupt everything within a cleanroom environment.

Cleanroom Cleaning Ontario

With that one piece of dust, you can expect the production of a multitude of microorganisms. With any contamination, you’ll experience a loss of profits caused by downtime, product recalls and having to rework batches.

Keeping your cleanroom routinely cleaned with Paragon’s Ontario cleanroom cleaning services
will help to prevent costly contamination. Paragon has put together a comprehensive cleanroom cleaning
service that is followed by team members meticulously. Our competent staff works hard to ensure optimum cleanliness of your cleanroom.

Our Ontario cleanroom cleaning services include:

  • Daily Removal of Trash from Your Server Room
  • Weekly Mopping and Vacuuming of Raised Floors
  • Thorough Cleaning of Hardware and Other Surfaces Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual Decontamination of Sub Floor Plenums

To learn more about Paragon’s well-established Ontario cleanroom cleaning services, contact us today.