Pittsburgh Cleanroom Cleaning

Regular, and thorough cleaning is absolutely essential in order to ensure that your Pittsburgh cleanrooms are always functioning properly. Poor attention to cleanroom cleaning and maintenance has the potential to lead to devastating results for both the safety of your employees, and the security of your financial profits. Possible outcomes of neglecting cleanroom cleaning for your Pittsburgh cleanrooms
include product recalls, rejection or reworking of product batches, loss of productivity, and even negative regulatory action. These reasons are just a few, but are certainly enough, to consider enlisting the Pittsburgh cleanroom cleaning services of Paragon International.

Cleanroom Cleaning in Pittsburgh

Allocation of time and resources are essential in order to maintain the high standards that are required of your any PIttsburgh cleanrooms. One of the keys is to not focus on short term cleaning operations, but rather, to work toward achieving effective and sustained contamination control. What Paragon International is committed to with our Pittsburgh cleanroom cleaning is a well-designed, preventative maintenance program that is followed meticulously.

When you choose Paragon, you are choosing a cleanroom cleaning company with a proven track record, a history of providing an exceptional level of quality. Choosing Paragon’s Pittsburgh cleanroom cleaning services
means you are hiring a professional team of experienced individuals with the knowledge and expertise to perform cleanroom cleaning as thoroughly as possible. Some of our teams past, and current responsibilities include data center cleaning, server room cleaning, and a host of other related services. At Paragon, we only hire the best, and we believe in our team.

Just a few of the guidelines that we follow for PIttsburgh cleanroom cleaning include:

  • All trash and rubbish should be removed from your server room daily.
  • Raised floors should be vacuumed and mopped weekly.
  • Hardware and all surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly on a quarterly basis.
  • Sub floor plenums should be decontaminated semi-annually.

Another Paragon perk that we are proud to boast about is the fact that we do not franchise. Our team is always positioned to handle cleanroom cleaning accounts across the country. Our technicians use specialized equipment and custom formulated chemicals in order to routinely meet, or exceed ISO standards.

If you are looking for a well-established, highly experienced and professional team to handle your Pittsburgh cleanroom cleaning, look no further than Paragon International. Please contact us at any time with questions. We’re always standing by, and we are eager to speak with you.