St. Paul Cleanroom Cleaning

Paragon International is a leader in the clean room cleaning industry. Since 1984, Paragon has performed meticulous service for the mission critical environment community, and has remained unsurpassed in our ability to provide the highest level of cleanliness possible.

Our clients appreciate the prompt, expert, and friendly service that they receive from Paragon International. We perform clean room cleaning for industries where absolute cleanliness and attention to detail is essential, including the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research, food, and even automotive industries. Even semiconductors and medical devices are among our list of precision cleaning skills.

Our clients also appreciate Paragon’s ability to adapt our services to the needs and protocols of each company that we work with.

Cleaning Room Cleaning in St. Paul

Paragon is proud to offer our clean room cleaning services in St. Paul. Our St. Paul clients know that they can depend on Paragon to be attentive to every minute detail and eliminate concerns about mold, rodents, or contaminated equipment; and our disaster recovery services bring them peace of mind.

Our clients also appreciate the fact that Paragon International does not use subcontractors. All of our experts throughout the world have received the same high level of training.

Please contact us online or call us at 800-526-1095 for more information or to schedule a quote for your facility. We’ll run a sub-floor vapor barrier test, a ferrous metal samples analysis, and perform a particulate samples evaluation so we can prepare a proposal to suit the specific needs of your Data Center. We look forward to serving you!