Texas Cleanroom Cleaning

Texas Clean Room Basics

Keeping a clean room up to industry standard is an important aspect in keeping expensive equipment and machines working at maximum efficiency. This is the reason why companies should hire Texas Clean Room Cleaning professionals with Paragon International Inc. Most companies focus more on the temperature requirements of equipment and personnel rather than the quality of the air in their clean rooms. Most HVAC requirements are catered for the minimum requirements for the workers and personnel in the facility and not the quality of the product or the tolerable limits of the equipments. This is the reason why companies in Texas should hire a Texas Clean Room Cleaning service to ensure the highest possible quality of air in their environmentally controlled facilities.

Companies located in cities that are in the drier regions of the United States should be careful with contamination from dust and dirt particles in the air. Paragon International Inc. standards with Texas Clean Room Cleaning are imposed by ISO and the federal government, some machines and processes will also have some standards that may even surpass the ISO and federal standards. Air quality in clean rooms is measured by the number of half-micron particles contained per cubic foot or meter of air. A half-micron particle is about 200 times smaller than the width of an average human hair.

Clean Room Cleaning Texas

An experienced and well trained Texas Clean Room Cleaning service can help you maintain the quality of air in your environmentally controlled rooms. Texas Clean room cleaning can include the removal of dust and dirt from the exterior of the equipment and machinery. These dust particles can be blown up again by the air conditioning system and circulated back into the products, samples and into the interior of sensitive machinery. Texas Clean Room Cleaning also offer services like regular and scheduled cleaning of the floors, other flat surfaces like tables and counters and even air conditioning and air handling machines and filters to minimize the amount of dust and other contaminants. If your clean room has undergone repairs or renovations, or if a natural calamity has introduced dirt and dust into sensitive areas, the skilled crew with Texas Clean Room Cleaning can also perform one-time cleaning services. Contact a Clean Room Cleaning service to conduct air quality test on your facilities to determine if your air quality passes the minimum requirement for your type of clean room needs.