Data Center Cleaning

Paragon services all types of Data Centers and computer rooms including

  • Colocation Cloud and Hybrid Data Centers
  • Purpose Built Enterprise Data Centers
  • Smaller Data Processing Spaces – (IT, Server, IDF, and MDF Rooms)
  • Modular Data Center Pods
  • Post Construction Final Cleaning of Newly Constructed & Remodeled Sites
  • Front of House – Non Critical Area Cleaning

Every Data Center is unique in purpose and design and our services are always tailored to meet your team’s goals.

Colocation (Cloud & Hybrid) Data Centers

We assist many premier Colo Data Center providers in keeping their sites in show-worthy condition.  Serious attention to cleaning can make a serious difference to potential clients.  Many of our clients utilize our services on a national level, simplifying purchasing initiatives and allowing for economies of scale and one vendor that understands the needs of your organization at all your sites.

Enterprise Data Centers

For some industries, the Enterprise Data Centers is the heart of the organization.   We understand the unique security requirements of Enterprise Data Centers and therefore many of the facilities we maintain have dedicated Paragon staff to ensure continuity.   Keeping the facility ready for high level tours is something Paragon excels at. 

Smaller Data Processing Spaces

Every office building has an IT closet or server room or equipment rack.  No project is too small for Paragon.  Oftentimes, smaller spaces are not kept as clean as is necessary for uninterrupted functioning of equipment.  Paragon regularly maintains hundreds of smaller IT spaces throughout the country, saving time and money on premature replacement of failed IT equipment.

Data Center Post Construction Final Clean

From small buildouts to large, newly constructed facilities—we have done it all.  Many current designs are built without raised floors.  Cleaning in these facilities is just as important as in more legacy designs.  Whatever the design and size of the facility, we can assist.  Many of our managers and technicians carry OSHA 10 and 30 certifications and have various equipment training and certifications needed to safely complete virtually any project.

Paragon works with many of the primary Data Center focused building contractors and has extensive experience in this part of the industry, helping GCs meet schedules and keeping end users happy by providing white glove final cleans for successful turnovers.

Front of House Cleaning

Paragon offers front of house cleaning for many of our clients.  While our teams are well trained in critical environment cleaning, many of our clients benefit from having our team on site maintaining less critical areas, allowing for one vendor for all cleaning needs.  Regular, on-site teams allows for more scalability in the event that there are more emergency or unexpected cleaning needs. 

Regular Maintenance or Specific Projects

At some point, all data processing sites need to be cleaned for proper function and to avoid contamination related failures or interruptions.

Depending on the foot traffic and other environmental conditions, Paragon can assist with daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance.   Our scopes of services are built to fit your facility and specific needs.

Scopes offered:

  • High bay cleaning
  • Ceiling interstitial or overhead plenum cleaning
  • Subfloor decontamination
  • Equipment cleaning – from skins to rack level and even board level
  • Floor cleaning, polishing, and finishing.

Choose Paragon

Paragon is a critical environment focused company.  Many cleaning companies are simply not qualified, nor have the proper equipment, to properly maintain data centers. 

Paragon’s employee-based, well-trained staff allows us to routinely meet and exceed ISO Standard 14611-19999 for data centers and cleanrooms.  Contact us for a custom quote for your data center cleaning.