Computer Equipment Cleaning

Servers are constantly circulating air to cool and in a way act like air filters. Due to the mild electromagnetic field that is created by the electronic components, even the small amount of unnoticed dust in the environment is actually attracted to the server’s components. How confident are you that your servers and other equipment are clean? If you haven’t done so in a while, an inspection may be in order. How important is it that computer room computing components are clean?

Dust can be dangerous. Once it has accumulated on the surface of your equipment, (for example, on your hard drive), the dust acts like an insulator, causing your equipment to run at dangerously high temperatures, even if the air being circulated is within an acceptable range. Even a seemingly thin layer of dust can cause heat dissipation issues. The first preventative step is to avoid contamination, but the fact is that, unless higher levels of clean room protocols are followed in your server room or data center, there will always be dust accumulation over time. Specific components that should particularly be kept clean are the air intakes and internal fans. If any of these components are not kept clean, the servers ability to cool itself will be seriously compromised.

When To Clean Computer Room Equipment

Construction projects are a notorious cause of contamination in computer rooms. Anytime a construction project has been completed near or in the computer room, equipment should be checked for cleanliness. Unfortunately, many building contractors do not observe strict-enough controls to avoid contamination of sensitive equipment. Fortunately, our turnaround time is very good and we can have a trained professional to your site to assess your equipment decontamination needs within 24-72 hours, if necessary.


Specific contamination events should not be the only time cleaning a server is thought of. Eventually, all computer equipment will need to be cleaned. Although regular maintenance cleaning of equipment is an added expense, maintenance cleans will extend the life of servers and help ensure that 24/7 uptime is maintained. ROI on equipment cleaning is quickly achieved when calculated against retained reliability and cut costs of replacement.

Experienced Professionals

Server manufactures all require that only trained service technicians maintain servers. Who qualifies as a trained service professional? Paragon has on staff highly trained technicians with years of experience and years of education in computer science. Our technicians keep up to date with the latest technologies and are very meticulous and methodical in their approach to interior equipment decontamination and cleaning. We take pride in being very careful and take all precautions against static discharge and damage to equipment. We also maintain more-than-necessary insurance policies to provide you and your clients with peace of mind during decontamination. Please check out our equipment cleaning case studies pages for a list of references of highly satisfied customers.

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