Buffalo Data Center Cleaning

80% of computer room fires are of unknown cause, typically in the computer hardware itself. The equipment in data centers is highly sensitive to air temperature fluctuations, the presence of dust, and a number of other factors. Because this computer equipment produces a significant amount of heat, it’s important to control the environment as much as possible. An inefficient air conditioning system or an abundance of dust could easily result in significant downtime and unsatisfied customers.

Other environmental conditions that can harm the computer equipment include rust, over-humidity, mechanical wear, electrostatic discharge, and the presence of dust.

Data Center Cleaning in Buffalo

The problems mentioned are only a snapshot of what could happen in a less-than-spotless Buffalo data center. All of our cleaning technicians are highly trained and experienced in providing expert Buffalo data center cleaning. A few of our Buffalo data center cleaning services include LaserAire air filtration unit installation, subflooring sealing, subfloor cleaning, floor tile replacement, and grid repair. While our technicians get the job done, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to see how well-trained, hardworking, and conscientious.**Some of the biggest names in the business have used our services, including Ameritech, ADP, Verisign, AMD, AT&T, Allstate Insurance, American Express, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Qwest, and Bank of America. We are the most trusted Buffalo data center cleaning firm in the country.

In addition to preventative data center cleaning services, we also offer one of the best disaster recovery services in the industry. We can help your company recover from common disasters such as building floods and fires to catastrophic events such as terror attacks and major storms.

We employ more than 300 trained technicians to handle data center cleaning in Buffalo and all throughout the country. Our highly trained staff regularly exceeds ISO Standard 14611-19999 for data centers. We have the experience, the specialized equipment, and the specially formulated chemicals to clean and decontaminate any data center. The health of your business directly relates to the health of your data center. Can you afford to let an inexperienced company handle your data center cleaning? If you value the health of your equipment, Paragon International is really your only choice. Contact Paragon today for a quote to clean of your Data Center.