Cleveland Data Center Cleaning

Keeping your Cleveland company’s data center clean and contamination-free is imperative in order to maintain successful daily operations of your business. Failing to keep your data center clean could result in catastrophic events for your company; events such as product contamination and worse — state or federal regulatory action.

When products that are meant to remain “clean” and contamination-free become contaminated this could lead to the recall of products, destroyed products, and products that may need to be re-worked.

In either event, this would all lead to loss of company profits and revenues, as well as possible employee down-time. Catastrophic events mentioned above are avoidable with routine preventive Cleveland data center cleaning maintenance performed by a team of professionals such as Paragon International.

Data Center Cleaning in Cleveland

When Paragon International is on the job, our focus is on achieving long-term contamination control and cleaning results through carefully crafted preventive maintenance performance. These tasks are performed by highly-trained data center cleaning professionals. All work is completed utilizing high-tech specialized data center cleaning equipment and custom-formulated chemicals.

This equipment and these chemicals are put to work in such a manner that meets and exceeds the standards of the ISO. With many years of experience and a valued reputation for data center cleaning, you can count on Paragon International to deliver results without the worry of contamination. Cleveland data center cleaning services are performed competently and effectively at all times.

At Paragon International, we’re highly-trained in the cleaning of data centers, server room cleaning, and other related services.

What You Can Expect from Cleveland Data Center Cleaning

  • Trash removal from the server room of your company on a daily basis.
  • Weekly maintenance of your company’s raised floors, which includes vacuuming and mopping.
  • Deep-cleaning of any and all hardware and related surfaces on a quarterly basis.
  • Decontamination of all sub floor plenums on a semi-annual basis.

To inquire further about Paragon International’s Cleveland data center cleaning solutions, contact us today.