Denver Data Center Cleaning

The data center industry requires intense contamination control. If there is a lack of data center cleaning, the results may be devastating, including equipment data failure, costly downtime, and employee health. Paragon specializes in Denver data center cleaning services. We are trusted professionals, providing data center cleaning services across the country, and we offer our services to your Denver data center.

Following a regular and strict maintenance schedule is important when it comes to cleaning your Denver data center. Even if your data center has been engineered to near perfection, regular cleaning is required.

Data Center Cleaning Denver

Paragon helps ensure the continued cleanliness of your Denver data center by utilizing industry best practices, including daily trash removal, weekly vacuuming and mopping of raised floors, hardware and surface cleaning and further decontamination exercises.

Paragon International provides data center cleaning services across the country. Our team of cleaning professionals are a tightly-knit group, everyone knows the procedures, and work as one unit toward the ultimate goal of cleaning your Denver data center to meet or exceed the ISO Standard 14611-1999.

Our staff uses specialized equipment and custom formulated chemicals designed specifically for the tasks at hand. If you are in need of trusted Denver data center cleaning professionals for your operation, look no further than Paragon. Contact us today to request a free quote.