Detroit Data Center Cleaning

Computers are delicate machines. A computer can easily be damaged by reasonably small amounts of dirt, heat, or electrical static. This problem is magnified when many computers are stored in close proximity like they are in the standard data center. Because computers can be so easily damaged, it isn’t safe to clean a data center with standard brooms, vacuums, and spray cleaners. This will cause dust to kick up into a computer or static to short circuit a motherboard. When you need Detroit data center cleaning for your business, you want to contact a company like Paragon International that specialize in cleaning data centers for Detroit area businesses.

Keeping Your Data Center Clean and Safe

Paragon International is a company that puts an emphasis on protecting your livelihood by cleaning your Detroit data centers without causing damage. We do this by training our employees specifically in computer cleaning and constantly refresh that training so they are following time tested safe procedures. We pride ourselves that between rigorous training and specialized equipment, our employees can safely provide Detroit data center cleaning that is without par. Our procedures are so efficient that we can even clean circuit boards directly without causing any damage or shorts in the equipment.

A Reputation You Can Trust in detroit

At Paragon International, our reputation is important to us. Your data center is critical to your business and you want Detroit data center cleaning services from a company that has an impeccable reputation. We understand that. That is why we guarantee the quality of our services and why we are proud of the testimonials we have received from clients who have used our services before. We don’t just strive to be good, but to go beyond industry minimum standards for quality cleaning. We do all this so that you can feel safe about the security of your data center when you get data center cleaning for your Detroit area business from Paragon International.

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