New Hampshire Data Center Cleaning

It goes without saying that running your data center presents a multitude of challenges, the least of which is the need to keep it clean. There is far too much to lose to risk allowing your data center’s cleaning and maintenance schedule to fall off. Anything can happen when a data center becomes contaminated, including data failure, downtime, loss of profits, and most importantly, employee health. Of course, it does happen. These days, there is ever mounting pressure placed on owners and operators of data centers, and that is why a company like Paragon exists, providing data center cleaning services in New Hampshire, and across the country.

Data Center Cleaning New Hampshire

A strictly enforced cleaning and maintenance schedule is a high priority factor for your New Hampshire data center. Nothing can slip through the cracks, but there is always the risk. At Paragon, we employ the most effective cleaning parameters possible for your New Hampshire data center. For example, all trash should be removed on a daily basis, raised floors vacuumed and mopped on a weekly basis, and all hardware and software surfaces cleaned on a quarterly basis. Sub-floor plenums should be decontaminated semi-annually.

Paragon International is trusted throughout the country to provide data center cleaning services, but we don’t sub-contract. Instead, we employ a team of 150 highly trained, experienced data center cleaning experts, ready and able to employ their skills and knowledge in the service of your data center. We add a personal touch to the industry.

Should you choose Paragon as your New Hampshire data center cleaning team, you can expect the following, and more to be included:

  • A well-trained and friendly data center cleaning staff
  • Custom formulated data center cleaning chemicals
  • Specialized equipment

You can also expect us to meet or exceed the ISO Standard 14611 for clean rooms and data centers.

If you are interested in employing our cleaning services for your New Hampshire data center, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always standing by, eager to take your call, and answer all of your questions.