New York Data Center Cleaning

Are you having unexpected data corruption problem? Are you having troubles about unexplained hardware failures like power supplies and hard drive? Are you experiencing intermittent short problem? If your answer to the above question is yes, this is now the time to check all your data center panel. Are your floor panels rocking up? Are there small gaps between your panels? Are your panels already old? Then it’s time to call Paragon International for all your New York Data Center Cleaning. They are ready to serve and rescue all your data because our computer room in a very sensitive area.

Data Center Cleaning New York

Zinc whiskers can be formed on the bare metal surface of the flooring system without you even noticing. Zinc whiskers are very small at approximately 2 microns in diameter but can grow over time to several millimetres in length. Whiskers are not harmful if they just attached to the panels but if broken down, they can circulate freely in the area and eventually infected your equipment. Having the expert cleaners for your Data Center Cleaning in New York from Paragon Int., you can be rest assured that your equipment will be safe from these whiskers. The New York Data Center Cleaners are professionally trained to do a complete job to keep your equipment debris free. These zinc whiskers are just one of the many ways your computer equipment can be effected by not having your Data Centers in New York cleaned by Paragon Int. on a regular basis. They will thoroughly clean your rooms from top to bottom, getting even the smallest of particles. This company will help you comprehensively assessed your data center and are committed to providing clients with the cleanest of data centers in New York