Northern California Data Center Cleaning

Data centers today are closely monitored like clean rooms. The strict ISO standards dictate that data centers must be regularly cleaned by highly trained technicians in order to maintain the health of the expensive equipment they house. Data centers hold some equipment that is extremely sensitive to dust particles and their particles pose as a danger for equipment damage causing down time and expensive repairs.

In an industry centered on data and constant availability, even the slightest down time can cost the company not only financially but also customer relations. Using the services of Paragon’s Northern California Data Center Cleaning company to handle your cleaning service can help achieve fewer machine bog-downs and down time. Data center cleaning can be a one time service, for example after a renovation to remove all construction debris but regular Data Center maintenance is encouraged.

Keeping Northern California Data Centers Clean

There are many services that Paragon’s Northern California Data Center Cleaning company can offer. The most common is the regular maintenance cleaning of data centers and the machines they contain. Dust particles and other contaminants like grime must be vacuumed and wiped down from the external surfaces of the computers. Accumulated dirt can find its way inside the machines through the cooling vents. This may lead to overheating and hardware damage. These processes are done by highly trained personnel to ensure that the proper technique is used and so as not to damage any of the sensitive equipment.

Our Northern California Data Center Cleaning company will also mop the floors around the machines to remove all dust particles that might get kicked up into the air. This is necessary so that the floor’s ability to remove static is not impeded by the accumulation of dust particles and dirt. Floor panels can also be removed so that the plenums can be cleaned. Plenums are the spaces under the floor that help carry cool air around the data center. Any dirt in plenums could be carried by the air conditioning air into the machines and cause damage. Keeping a data center clean is a necessary step in keeping machineries and personnel healthy to keep the system running in optimum condition. It is a process that must properly by the right people, to make sure this is so always hire a Northern California Data Center Cleaning expert.