Ontario Data Center Cleaning

Your server rooms are essential for keeping your data safe and at ParagonInternational, we focus on Ontario data center cleaning. Our team of professionals will ensure that your server room is kept free of contaminants that can affect the efficiency of your data center systems.

Our team of experts is here to keep the standard high for data center cleaning. We understand what it takes to keep a data center running at its absolute best. Maintenance is the important task that needs to be addressed along with keeping simple things out of your server room so it remains contaminant free.

Data Center Cleaning in Ontario

Several duties are needed to maintain a clean Ontario server room. All trash should be removed from your data center daily. Raised flooring should be vacuumed or mopped at least once a week, and the hardware along with all other surfaces should be cleaned. Sub floor plenums should also be cleansed every six months.

Paragon International offers this maintenance program along with teams to serve you. We are not a franchise so we can offer the standard across the board with all of our cleaning teams. Our expert teams use equipment and chemicals specifically designed to maintain your Ontario data center. We strive in keeping the ISO standard high as we exceed the bar for excellence in service to our clientele.

We will help you with cleaning server room issues and send our team of experts out when you need maintenance. Please contact us at any time with questions or concerns in maintaining excellence. We strive for your Ontario data center cleaning to be expert and professional. Paragon International can help with these serious issues regarding your clean data centers.