Pittsburgh Data Center Cleaning

Top to Bottom Pittsburgh Data Center Cleaning Work is Available

Problems in a data center could outright bring a business to its knees. A simple cleaning might be all that is required to eliminate scores of potential and, possibly, current problems. Paragon International is the top Pittsburgh data center cleaning company serving western Pennsylvania. If it has been some time since your data center was thoroughly sanitized, calling our offices to schedule a cleaning might be a good idea.

A Complete, Proper, and Thorough Cleaning

In order to be 100% sure a data center is free of harmful impurities, the interior must be cleaned in the most thorough manner possible. Cursory cleaning jobs are going to have very little effect and leaves dirt, dust, debris, and even bacteria remaining that could cause serious problems for servers and employees alike.

Our data center cleaning service is going to hit the entire room from top to bottom. This means not only are the ceiling, walls, and floor going to be cleaned and disinfected, but so are the doors and windows. Imagine how much bacteria and even mere dust can spread throughout the interior of the room when someone touches the door handle and then puts his/her fingers on the hardware.

Hardware is Not Overlooked

The cleaning professionals Paragon International sends to the data center will also clean the hardware thoroughly.

Hardware is not immune from dirt, dust, and other troubling elements. As such, hardware has to be cleaned thoroughly. More accurately, the hardware should be cleaned by someone who has expertise in the area. Our Pittsburgh data center cleaning team knows exactly how to perform the delicate process of cleaning hardware without causing any undue damage to it.

Paragon International Is Available to Help

There is no reason to be worried or concerned about the condition and cleanliness of your data center. Once we perform a thorough cleaning job, the center will look as if brand new equipment was installed yesterday.