Raleigh Data Center Cleaning

Raleigh Data Center Cleaning from Paragon not only focuses on the aesthetic appeal of your working environment, it is also about creating a clean and dust-free environment. If you want a comfortable and clean data center, consider Raleigh Data Center Cleaning services from the Paragon team. Investing in a clean data center is important to ensure the maximum operational life of your computer systems. The benefit of Raleigh Data Center Cleaning is having professionals clean-up your data center making it more efficient than ever before.

If you do not have a Raleigh Data Center Cleaning protocol in place, dust and dirt can easily accumulate on your computer equipment. Too much dust or dirt buildup in your data center could lead to the failure of your IT infrastructure.

Raleigh Data Center Cleaning

The Raleigh Data Center Cleaning services are effectively eliminating dust and dirt from your server rooms. By eliminating the dust and dirt build-up, the thermal output of servers can be greatly reduced which mean less energy consumption for the company.

Aside from performing Raleigh Data Center Cleaning services, Paragon will also offer recommendation on regularly cleaning the entire data center. Here are some of the services that Raleigh Data Center Cleaning can provide:

  • Offers anti-static cleaning as well as machine scrubbing on the high pressure laminate raised floor surfaces in your company premises.
  • Provides carpet cleaning services.
  • Damp-wiping all the environmental equipment including counter surfaces.
  • Provides encapsulation services of the sub floor in order to prevent concrete powdering.
  • Provides systematic vacuuming in order to wipe away all the dirt, dust, and other contaminants.