Southern California Data Center Cleaning

The need to maintain the cleanliness of data centers is so important. If you have a data center in Southern California and would like to have your data center cleaned you can hire a Southern California Data Center Cleaning expert to handle your cleaning and/or maintenance. Dust and other particles not only make for an unsightly environment these can severely reduce you data center’s efficiency and expose your expensive equipment to possible overheating, corrosion and other damages that can require expensive repairs and down-time. No matter how well designed your air filtering system is, there will some particles that eventually end up in your data center. To combat this assault of dirt and dust regular cleaning must be perform within the data center.

Data Center Cleaning Southern California

The first service that a Southern California Data Center Cleaning expert can offer you is the cleaning of the external surfaces of your computers and other equipment in the data center. Their highly trained technicians use vacuum cleaners that are fitted with HEPA filters. HEPA filters can remove up to 99.97% of dust particles that are bigger than 0.3 microns. This is necessary because if the filters used are not HEPA then these particles will simply be ejected from the exhaust of the vacuum and be allowed to circulate back into the air. Particles as small as half a micron can become lodged in computer parts and components either lowering their efficiency by reducing their ability to dissipate heat or cause the computer to overheat.

Another service that can be rendered by a Southern California Data Center Cleaning expert is the cleaning of the floors and plenum of your data center. Plenums are the spaces under your floors that carry cold cooling air to the computers. If these areas are not regularly cleaned the cooling air meant to help your machines can now be carrying harmful particles that can enter your computers through the cooling vents. A Southern California Data Center Cleaning company can keep a data center clean and must be considered a necessary overhead that not only keeps a data center visually clean but also clean enough to ace any ISO data center cleanliness tests.