St. Paul Data Center Cleaning

The data center is where companies keep their computer systems and equipment necessary to keep running at all times. Some, if not all, of these machines are very sensitive to dust and other contaminants. Contaminants can get into small vents in the machines and disrupt their operation, and lower their efficiency by preventing the cooling of the sensitive equipment. To ensure that the amount of contaminants in the data center are kept to a minimum, all data driven companies should hire a reliable and experienced St. Paul Data Center Cleaning company like Paragon Intl.

Data Center Cleaning Service in St. Paul

Our St. Paul Data Center Cleaning technicians also clean the data center floors. These floors are designed to reduce the amount of static whenever people walk on them. Dust and dirt prevent the floor from dissipating static electricity properly posing a danger to the sensitive equipment. Technicians will also clean the surfaces of tables, chairs and counters.

The next cleaning process is the cleaning of the exterior of the equipment. Computers can collect dust that must be removed from their surfaces. If left unclean, the dust can find it’s way into the vents and enter the computers. This dust, and other contaminants, greatly reduce the efficiency of a computer system by reducing its ability to expel heat. This can cause machines to overheat and even get damaged. To make sure all dust particles are removed, Paragon’s St. Paul Data Center Cleaning technicians use vacuum cleaners fitted with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. Not only can dust reduce the dissipation of heat, some can even get lodged in small mechanical components preventing machines from functioning properly. Highly trained and certified technicians use only cleaning solutions that are specialized for computer and like machines.

One of the most overlooked parts of the data center is the plenum. Plenums are spaces that carry cold air used to cool the computers in a data center. Many computers are heat sensitive and temperature in a data center must be kept at the right at all times. These can be under the floor or in the ceiling and must be regularly cleaned to prevent the accumulation of dirt. This task, along with the previous two, must be done by well trained technicians with the proper amount of training in cleaning data centers. Give your data center the proper attention it needs. Hire a St. Paul Data Center Cleaning service to get the job done right the first time, every time!