Toronto Data Center Cleaning

By nature, it is essential that the data center industry requires contamination control be a top priority. The results of improper maintenance and cleaning of your data center can carry with it catastrophic results. Among issues that can present themselves are equipment and data failure, downtime, a reduction or complete loss of your competitive edge, and most important of all, employee health. Luckily, Paragon
specializes in the highly skilled field of data center cleaning for your Toronto data center.

Data Center Cleaning in Toronto

Our experts at Paragon are trusted professionals in our industry. We provide our services in data centers throughout the United States, and now we provide those same services in Toronto, for our neighbors to the north. We follow a strict maintenance schedule, which is imperative when it comes to cleaning you Toronto data center. The simple fact is that, even if your data center was engineered to perfection, a regular cleaning schedule should always be in place. This can be a major contributing factor when it comes to installing both short and long term measures for contamination control.

We always institute industry best practices for our Toronto data center cleaning practices, including daily trash and rubbish removal, weekly vacuuming and mopping of raised floors, hardware and surface cleaning, and other decontamination measures.

As leading data center cleaning professionals, we feel confident that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide an effective data center cleaning service for your Toronto data center. We invite you to take advantage of our free min audit, in order to provide a custom cleaning proposal for your Toronto data center.

If you are looking for a trusted and well respected data center cleaning company to provide services in Toronto, you’ve found it. Contact us today.