Leak Risk Mitigation

How likely is it that water will be a problem for you? According to a recent survey, nearly 20% of data center facilities had experienced a “water event” in the last 12 months. At what cost? A recent gathering of IFMA facilities managers pegged the average cost of downtime for a typical facility as high as $90,000/hour. A 20% chance of a huge financial loss? Most businesses would consider those odds unacceptable. While the cost to your facility may not be that high, the risk to your data, equipment, inventory, building infrastructure, and people can’t be ignored.

That’s why we offer the Leak Risk Mitigation Checklist. This easy to use checklist will help you evaluate your facility for potential leak threats. Download and take it for a “dry run” on your facility today!

Use the checklist to:

  • Ensure that you’ve considered the most common, and commonly overlooked, threats
  • Take a step back and look at your facility as a whole
  • Review tips for optimizing your fluid leak protection
  • Plan out a system that meets the unique needs of your business, your building, and your budget

The best way to protect your facility is to have the right tools in place to notify you early that there is a threat. We can help with that! Please contact us to discuss a fully customized solution for your application. Our team offers turnkey design, installation, commissioning, and integration services.