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General Facilities Janitorial Maintenance

Single Vendor for you Whole Facility

Some data centers and cleanrooms have allowed their Janitorial or Day porter service to assist in cleaning their critical spaces. That has been a costly decision in some circumstances. We believe that the opposite approach is best. Our highly trained, vetted and professional teams are committed to safeguarding your critical systems while providing maintenance cleaning. Why not allow them to assist with less critical services, such as front of house maintenance?

Critical Approach to Janitorial

Many sites, including Colocation Facilities, have to maintain common areas for clients and other essential personnel. Paragon has assisted many top tier facilities keep their sites in near perfect condition, both for critical areas as well as offices, command centers (‘war rooms’), kitchens, restrooms and corridors. Having a team on site regularly maintaining these common spaces that also understands proper maintenance procedures for critical spaces often results in a net savings and a very high quality service by allowing one truly qualified vendor to take care of all cleaning maintenance needs.

Services Offered

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly cleaning of common areas
  • Tour Ready cleaning of main common areas
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Kitchen and office cleaning
  • Floor maintenance including strip and wax (Electrostatic Dissipative Finishes available for critical spaces)
  • High cleaning for corridors or other open ceiling spaces
  • Louver and vent cleaning (inside and outside)
  • Carpet cleaning and spot removal
  • Courtyard, parking lot and vestibule cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Grout cleaning

Tailored Customer Focus

We are happy to work within your established MOP or assist in tailoring a custom program that works for your facility. Feel free to call us today and set up a virtual meeting or a site visit to see what Paragon can offer for janitorial, critical or blended service.