Backsaver Tile Puller




The Original Stand Up Tile Puller

Our Backsaver’s lightweight industrial design includes a extra heavy duty 5″ double cup lifter on the end of a 32″ ergonomic powder coated silver finished handle operated with a 4″ black grip and lever. Because all the components in our BackSavers are custom fabricated or have been selected for durability and quality, this unit will last with repeated use for many years with no need for maintenance. Thus, our BackSaver Stand Up Tile Puller the choice for facilities managers for decades. If you have a legacy site with a standup tile puller, chances are you have one of our units.

Raised flooring systems are used for air distribution plenums, network cable or power cable routing. Office buildings, IT Rooms, Data Centers, Clean Rooms and many other spaces utilize Access Flooring Systems.  Using hand tile pullers to access subfloor plenums is tedious and can cause undo back strain. Our tile pullers were originally designed for our cleaning crews to expedite access to subfloor plenums for cleaning. Often our clients request us to leave one for their facility use after our cleaning projects once they have seen how well they work.

BackSaver tile pullers are a must for any facility with raised floors.

Please see our BackSaver Tune Up page for more information on how to maintain your BackSaver Tile puller.

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions6 × 12 × 49 in


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